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We are a healthcare agency that prides in placing exceptional general, mental health, learning, and specialist nurses, often at short notice. 

Zenith CarePlus Ltd is a community-based company with over 18 combined years of experience in mental and general healthcare, we are operating in Cheshire and surrounding areas. Our values are the way in which our beliefs are visible through how we behave, and respond to service provision.  They are at the core of our organization and what makes us unique and special from other organizations.

We assist several departments within the health service and private clients. We realize that compliance, dignity, and respect are key to success across all aspects of our business.

Our Shared Values

Values are the way in which our beliefs are visible through how we behave.  They are at the core of our organization and what makes us unique and special from other organizations. 

Since we became one organization, we have been working with staff, service users, carers, and other stakeholders to create a set of values that ensures the best outcome and quality of life for those we care for.  Our Shared Values distinguish us from other service providers and are based on the following Five Core principles:

  • Dignity and respect.

  • Compassionate caring

  • Working together to inspire hope.

  • Showing a commitment to quality care and support.

  • Learning and reflection.

We Inspire Hope

Which means:

  • Having a positive outlook on the future ahead

  • Celebrating achievements, no matter how small

  • Staying resilient and optimistic

  • Enabling people to reach their full potential

  • Being a positive role model


We Work Together

 Which means:

  • Empowering service users to make informed choices

  • Working together to provide seamless services

  • Lending a hand to a colleague who needs it

  • Setting and maintaining high standards

  • Supporting each other to recognise our strengths


We are Caring and Compassionate

Which means:

  • Showing empathy and understanding to all

  • Treating service users, their families, and each other with kindness

  • Doing the little things that make a difference

  • Taking time to engage, support, listen and act

  • Putting ourselves in your shoes

Our services include the following areas:

  • Mental Health care services

  • Learning disability

  • Autistic spectrum conditions,

  • Acquired brain injury,

  • Physical disabilities,

  • Sensory impairments,

  • Substance Misuse

  • 1:1 Support

  • 24-hour care

Other services we provide include

  • Cleaning Service 

  • Companionship 

  • Dementia 

  • Domestic Services / Home Help 

  • Elderly Care 

  • Food Preparation & Serving 

  • Laundry Assistance  

  • Medication Assistance 

  • Palliative Care 

  • Personal Hygiene Care

Zenith CarePlus provided a bespoke flexible mental health service that supports adults and young people with diverse needs including learning disabilities, autistic spectrum conditions, acquired brain injury, physical disabilities, sensory impairments, mental health conditions, challenging behaviour, forensic histories and other complex health and social needs. We understand the need to be flexible and support existing services to give their best in terms of Quality of care.

We care like no other….

We provide a full and comprehensive range of care support and specialist care services across 24 hours a day and 7 days per week. Support is person centred and is delivered by fully trained care staff within service user’s homes, within community settings, supported living environments and other settings as required.

Support in the home or in accommodation provide through housing associations and/ or private landlords provide care from one hour a day to 24 hours per day.

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